Stevie Nicks- VH-1's Behind The Music Documentary 1998 (early edit)
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Artist: Stevie Nicks
Title: VH1's Behind The Music (Working Edit)
Date: 1998
Type: Documentary
Quality: B+
Source: VHS -> PAL MPEG (by priestofnothing) -> NTSC DVD

DVD is chaptered. 5 parts, 47:48
This version a little different than the aired version. A black picture is shown when no picture was found for that scene yet and the announcer is different too.
If anyone has the aired version, please upload it.

"She was crowned the queen of Rock & Roll. A country girl who cast a spell on the world of pop music. She ascended to the top with Fleetwood Mac, then stole the spotlight when she struck out on her own. Stevie Nicks accomplished the unprecedented feat of launching a successful solo career while still a key member of one of rock's most successful bands. Then her fairytale life was turned upside down, first by cocaine abuse, and later by a debilitating dependency on tranquilizers. But Stevie turned her pain into song, reclaiming her confidence and her career." VH1
Basic Menu, no chapter markers

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Picture Quality: B+, Sound Quality: A-
NTSC Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
TV Broadcast -> VHS -> PAL MPEG (by priestofnothing) -> NTSC DVD
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