Tom Petty with Stevie Nicks - Live at The Bonnaroo Festival 16th June 2006 DVD
Track List:

1.01 Listen To Her Heart
1.02 You Don't Know How It Feels
1.03 I Won't Back Down
1.04 Freefallin'
1.05 Saving Grace
1.06 Mary Jane's Last Dance
1.07 I'm A Man
1.08 Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)
1.09 Handle With Care (Travelin' Wilburys cover)
1.10 Stop Draggin My Heart Around (with Stevie Nicks)
1.11 I Need To Know (with Stevie Nicks)
1.12 Melinda
1.13 Insider (with Stevie Nicks)
1.14 Learning To Fly (with Stevie Nicks)
1.15 Don't Come Around Here No More (with Stevie Nicks)
1.16 Refugee
1.17 Running Down A Dream
1.18 You Wreck Me
1.19 Mystic Eyes
1.20 Gloria
1.21 American Girl (with Stevie Nicks)
Notes (from original Bootlegger):

Artist: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks
Title: Live In Manchester, TN
Date: 06/16/06
Tour: Highway Companion Tour 2006
Venue: Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Type: DVD-R
Video Quality: A-
Audio Quality: A

Video bitrate: 8000 kbps
Picture: Letterbox 4:3, 720x576
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

- What I wanted to do?
Oh well, originally I wanted to make a "high-tech" DVD out of that low-quality source, with:
a) original file as main video,
b) audience videos as kind-of multi camera option,
c) 3 audio streams (original video audio, audio remastered and audience tape),
d) adding 2 other tour bootlegs, as DVD-A material,
e) putting the ORIGINAL Walls video on it (long version from the "She's The One DVD")

- What was done?
Unfortunately, the source file I worked with had 3 big errors and some smaller errors, which made it very hard for me to encode the DVD. At first I ripped the WMV to MPEG to have something to work with, but the converting stopped 3 times (around 40, 54 and 59 minutes) and I had to start from the point it has stopped, which made 3 breaks from 3-11 seconds, where I added a "test picture", but the audio goes on. I accidentally converter the last file too high, which made it not possible for me to add the extras, because that would reduce the quality already low-bitrate material....and reconverting was simple a pain in the ass, that's why I couldn't do it again. I also found out then that I couldn't do multi-audio options, that why I made a matrix out of both recordings (lossy soundboard 70% and lossless audience 30%) which sounds pretty good. There are three breaks 2 seconds breaks on the video file on "You Don't Know How It Feels" where you can only the the audience tape. I also added small names on the tracks at the beginning of each tracks, but somehow my TV cuts that off.

This DVD was actually the best that you could've made out of the file I had, but I am still not satisfied with it, but the problem it that making the DVD took more than two days. So if I may have some time (and maybe a better source file) than I may post a "Bonnaroo Festvial Rev. 1" DVD. But anyways, the DVD is fun to watch and for most Fleetwood Mac fans the really first time (and maybe the last time) that they are seeing Stevie and Tom on a real concert video (without the President in the audience), so please purists don't don't blame me for mixing lossy with lossless stuff and spreading DVDs created out of low quality files, post something better if you have and I am going to delete this forever and break my DVD.

Sample Screen Grabs
Date & Venue:
16th June 2006 at The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A-, Sound Quality: A
NTSC Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
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