Fleetwood Mac - Misc. Mac Collection (vol. 2) DVD
Track List:
Australian TV Compilation
Tusk Interview w/ Stevie, then Lindsey

Stevie Promo from 1987
Stevie's D-Day Tribute
Greatest Hits TV Promo from 1988
MTV Australia Greatest Hits Promo from 1988
Paper Doll Video
Clinton Inauguration Clip
French & Saunders spoof of Fleetwood Mac
Street Angel Promo
Behind The Mask Promos
Tango Promo with interview w/ Stevie
Behind The Mask Promo with group interview
Rock A Little Promo with interview w/ Stevie
Silent Night Promo

The Other Side Of The Mirror interview from German TV (german translations of Stevie's interview)
The Other Side If The Mirror interview from UK TV
Don't Stop live in Germany 1980
The Other Side Of The Mirror  interview from UK TV
Wild Heart interview
Rock a Little interview with Molly Meldrum
Behind The Mask Tour Clip
Stevie in a Christmas Carol (Phoenix PBS TV Broadcast)
As Long As You Follow Video *
Big Love Video *
Blue Denim live on Leno *

Peacekeeper live on AMA 2003 *
Oh Diane (UK TV Broadcast) *
Over My Head (Midnight Special)
Why (Midnight Special)
World Turning (Midnight Special)
Sara Video *
Seven Wonders Video *
Tusk Video *
Gypsy Video *
Peacekeeper Video *
Paper Doll Video *

* - Superb Quality
Compilation of various Fleetwood Mac clips, running time 3 hours 15 mins.
Basic menu system with chapter markers

Sample Screen Grabs

Date & Venue:
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A/A-/B+ (some segments are blurry), Sound Quality: A-
NTSC Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
VHS -> NTSC DVD Transfer
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