Lindsey Buckingham - Ultimate Visual Collection DVD
Track List:

Peacekeeper Video
Holiday Road Video
Here Come The Sun (live on NYE)
Go Insane Video
Soul Drifter Video
Trouble Video
Slow Dancing Video
It Was I Video
Countdown Video
Wrong Video
Don't Look Down Video
Bwana (live SNL)
Trouble (live SNL)
Lindsey Interview and Live Tracks from A&E
Peacekeeper (leno)
Say You Will (leno)
I'm So Afraid (Dance)
Big Love (Dance)
Go Insane (Dance)
Lindsey & Stevie on Letterman '98 (Big Love & Landslide)
Go Your Own Way (live Video)
I'm So Afraid (Rosebud sequence from Going Home)
World Turning (Midnight Special)
Dreams (live video sequence from Going Home)
Big Love Video
Tusk Video
Hold Me Video
Seven Wonder Video
Little Lies Video
Gypsy Video
Go Your Own Way (2003 Today Show)
Peacekeeper (2003 Today show)
Say You Will (2003 Today Show)
Family Man Video
We Are The World Video
20 Picture Slideshow
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Sound: A, Visuals: Mixed, overall A-/B+
, NTSC Picture Signal
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