Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Tour Documentary + Photo Shoot
Track List:
Backstage Footage
Sisters of the Moon (Live)
Mick Interview
Lindsey in the Studio at Village Recorders
Walk A Thin Live (Studio)
Mick Interview Pt.2
Drum Solo (Live footage)
Lindsey in Studio Interview
Save Me A Place (Studio)
John & Lindsey in the Studio
Go Your Own Way (Live)
Stevie Making Coffee
Lindsey Doodling on the Guitar
Tusk (Live)
Stevie in the studio working on Angel
Angel (Live)
Stevie Doing Ballet
Chris Interview While Sailing
Never Make Me Cry (Studio)
Chris Interview
Never Make Me Cry (Studio)
Think About Me (Load in footage)
Not That Funny
The Chain
Ending Credits

The Tusk Photo Shoot
About 20 minutes in length, Showing how the photo shoot went for the photos that were used for the record sleeves for the (then) vinyl LP.
The Tusk Tour Doc runs for 1 hour and the Tusk Photoshoot runs for 21mins
The Tusk Tour Doc is better quality rated A, where the Photoshoot is B+

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