Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Documentary & Live Concert DVD
Track List:

1.01 Sisters Of The Moon
1.02 Save Me A Place
1.03 Go Your Own Way
1.04 Tusk
1.05 Angel
1.06 Never Make Me Cry
1.07 Think About It
1.08 Not That Funny
1.09 Sara
1.10 The Chain
1.11 Songbird

Tusk Documentary Outtakes
2.01 Angel
2.02 Walk A Thin Line
2.03 I Know I'm Not Wrong
2.04 Angel
2.05 Never Make Me Cry
2.06 Sara

2.07 20/20 ABC Special (1980)

Live & Promo Videos:
2.08 Tusk (Promo Video)
2.09 Sara (Promo Video)
2.10 Not That Funny (Mirage Video)
2.11 Sisters Of The Moon (Mirage Video)
Notes (from Bootlegger):
I have taken the Tusk Documentary video MPEG from, which was seeded by Syd and chapterized it and put some extras to it! Part of the extras are the outtakes, a VOB file seeded by danax6 and the 20/20 ABC Special, which needs more explanation. I used the Real Madia files, posted on http://www.madnessfades.net and converted them to MPEG. Surprisingly, the quality is quite stunning, although it may be lossy (not made for purists, just for entertainment). I also added some single video files to it, two promo and two live videos from the Mirage video. I actually wanted to put in some more
performances of Tusk songs from later tours, but then I couldn't have burned it with the best bitrate quality. I added the complete St. Louis Tusk tour concert to the
menu, in lossy for (again I beg for pruists' pardon).

Menu Soundtrack: Live In St. Louis, MO (11/06/79) (MP3-sourced)

Thank you to Syd for the Tusk Documentary file and danax6 for the Tusk Documentary
outtakes video!

Sample Screen Grabs
Date & Venue:
1979 Various Locations
1982 Mirage Live Concert Video Release
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A/A-, Sound Quality: A
PAL Picture Signal
Video bitrate: 8000 kbit/s
Picture: Letterbox 4:3
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Unknown -> PAL DVD
Last Update: 25 February 2006, fmfanuk