Fleetwood Mac  - Tusk Photoshoot #1 + Extras
Track List:
1.Ebony Eyes (Bob Welch w/Stevie Nicks & Mick Fleetwood-Live Cal Jam II)
2.Bob Welch backstage interview w/Stevie Nicks & Mick Fleetwood
3.Don't Stop (Live)
4.Dreams (Live)/Rumours TV commercial/Never Going Back Again (Japan '77 Live)
5.Landslide (Japan '77 Live)
6.Gold Dust Woman (Japan '77 Live)
7.Gold Dust Woman (Continued/Japan '77 Live)
8.You Make Lovin' Fun (Japan '77 Live)
9.Tusk (Live footage played over the studio version)/Tusk photoshoot
10.Tusk photoshoot
11.Tusk photoshoot (A drunken John & a sober Stevie flirt)
12.Tusk photoshoot
13.Tusk photoshoot

Greatest Hits promotional interview
14."That Couldn't go on the Record..."
15."Really a Great Thing..."
16."And it Hits This Neon Sign..."
17."In a Rockabilly State..."
18."What we're Doing..."
19.As Long As You Follow (Video)
Notes (from Bootlegger):
Various sources and various quality recordings, All appear to be very watchable considering the age of the source tape used for this transfer to DVD from VHS.

Thanks once more goes to David O., And his endless supply of rare quality Fleetwood Mac material.

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Running time: 1:33:41

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Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A-, Sound Quality: A
NTSC Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
TV broadcast/Professional recording recording> VHS cassette tape> Sylvania VHS HQ player> Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD-R burner> NTSC DVD-R
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