Fleetwood Mac - Rosebud and More
Track List:
Tusk Studio Sessions (Tusk Documentary Outtakes)
1.Angel (Studio Session featuring Stevie & Lindsey working on the vocal melody)
2.Angel (Studio Session featuring Stevie & Lindsey working on the vocal melody)/Lindsey interview clip/Christine interview clip/Stevie interview clip/Walk A Thin Line (Recording Session)
3.Walk A Thin Line (Recording Session)/I Know I'm Not Wrong (Recording Session)/Angel (Playback Session)
4.Angel (Playback Session)/Never Make Me Cry (Recording Session)/Sara (Overdub Session)

Rosebud (Promotional Film)
5.Drum Solo (Rosebud)
6.World Turning (Rosebud)
7.Rumours Photo Session/Rhiannon Explanation (Rosebud)
8.Rhiannon (Rosebud)
9.Stevie interview clip (Rosebud)
10.Say You Love Me (Rosebud)
11.Soundcheck goofiness/Mick interview clip (Rosebud)
12.Go Your Own Way (Rosebud)
13.Christine interview clip (Rosebud)
14.You Make Loving Fun (Rosebud)
15.John interview clip/Christine interview clip/Lindsey interview clip (Rosebud)
16.I'm So Afraid (Rosebud)

Don't Stop/Dreams (Midnight Special)
17.Don't Stop (Live-May 13,1977 Promo video shoot)
18.Dreams (Live-May 13,1977 Promo video shoot)
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