Fleetwood Mac Largo 75 & Japan 77 Pro Shot NTSC DVD
Track List:

1975 Largo, MD 1:00:38

Intro/Get Like You Used to Be
Station Man
Spare Me A Little
I'm So Afraid
Oh Well
Green Manalishi
World Turning/Mick�s drum solo
Blue Letter

Japan 5th Dec 77 Young Music Special 45:19

Oh Well
Over My Head
Go Your Own Way
World Turning
Blue Letter
The Chain
Notes (from Bootlegger):

Both of these are upgrades to the VHS copies I have had for years, with the addition of the annoying "FOR SCREENING ONLY" declaration at the bottom of the screen throughout both shows. However, once you get over this both concerts are great, especially the '75 Largo show. I am unsure of the lineage as I received it from a friend who specializes in video trading nearly exclusively and he gets the good stuff. These are recent upgrades for him.

Excuse the chauvinism ladies, but the 1975 Stevie is a treat for the eyes in jeans and bare middrift. By the '77 Japanese TV show she has big hair. Christine is looking fine and playing well as usual. Both shows are excellent quality both video and sound. Lindsey Buckingham is on fire throughout. "I'm So Afraid" is great, and he pays homage to the great Peter Green in both shows. "The Chain" is a highlight for me in the '77 show, but the rest is great as well.

Both are pro shot. The menu is crude, only a selection for each show, not for each song. Otherwise it's killer as we like to say around these parts.

1) Per above, there is the annoying "FOR SCREENING ONLY" display which runs thoughout both shows. If you have a better copy without this, I would like to download yours.

2)At 11:15 into the '75 show there is a 15 second tone blast reminiscent of the days when tv channels actually went off the air late at night which I assume was in the broadcast. This is conveniently between songs.

3) On the "Young Music Show"
-at 7:00 in Rhiannon there is a weird sound for about 2 seconds
-at 17:15 in Go Your Own Way there is a weird sound for about 2 seconds

Otherwise, this is good stuff.

Notes (from fmfanuk)

DVD is fully chaptered with basic menu system

Sample Screen Grabs
Date & Venue:
Largo: 5th Oct 1975 Capitol Centre Largo, MD
Young: 5th Dec 1977, Young Music Show, Japan
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A-, Sound Quality: A
NTSC Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
PRO Shot -> Unknown -> NTSC DVD Transfer
Last Update: 24 April 2005, fmfanuk