Fleetwood Mac - Destiny Rules + Extras DVD
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Destiny Rules (complete commercial free recording from VH-1)
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    Destiny Rules
    Say You Will
    Steal Your Heart Away
    What's The World Coming To
    Thrown Down
Say You Will Video
Peacekeeper Video
AOL Interview
Starting in the fall of 2001, filmmakers Matt Baumann and Kyle Einhorn follow Fleetwood Mac's
every move as they reunited (sans Christine McVie) to record their first new studio album in 15 years.
Culled from over 500 hours of footage, the documentary follows the band members as they record Say You Will and prepare for a world tour. Cameras, including a few hidden ones, rolled almost nonstop from
Stevie Nicks's first day in the studio until the band walks onstage for its first show a
year and a half later.

This recording was taken from the airing on VH-1, not the commercial available copy of Destiny Rules>

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Date & Venue:
Sunday 14th March 2004, broadcast on VH-1 (USA)
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Picture Quality: A, Sound Quality: A
NTSC Picture Signal, LPCM 2.0 Audio Signal
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MPEG1 and MPEG2 -> NTSC DVD Encoder (Extras)
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