Fleetwood Mac  - Fleetwood Mac at 21 + Extras
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Fleetwood Mac at 21 1988 (49:42)
BBC documentary after the release of Tango In The Night album, includes interviews with Mick. John, Christine, Stevie, Lindsey, Peter Green, Rick Vito and Bob Welch. Narrated by Trevor Dann.

US Interview 1988 with Stevie and John (8:00)
Includes the Seven Wonders Video and Isn't It Midnight live clip

Stevie Nicks-April 27,1989-Atlantic Records interview (13:34)
Official interview from Atlantic Records with Stevie Nicks talking about the release of 'The Other Side Of The Mirror'

Rooms on Fire May 8, 1989 (Video)

Interview Segments with Stevie (poor quality)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Various interviews from various sources, Very watchable even though the quality is considered about average for Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks material, Except for the footage of the Stevie Nicks-April 27,1989-Atlantic Records interview which is superb.

Thanks once more goes to David O., And his endless supply of rare quality Fleetwood Mac material.

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Running time: 1:47:37

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