Fleetwood Mac - Another Link In The Chain DVD
Track List:

The Chain
Oh Well
Blow By Blow
Gold Dust Woman
Only You Know and I Know
Say You Love Me
World Turning
Don't Stop
Dreamin' the Dream (not Interlochen, but another grainy and stuttery Internet clip)


This DVD created from Internet footage of Fleetwood Mac performing on the tour to promote the "Time" album. This footage is no longer available online, but has been compiled here. The clips were recorded while playing at what was then considered "full-screen," which still leaves a browser border around the concert footage. "Computer edges" were hidden as much as then possible. Rather than hide this by blowing the image up while dubbing, I found that this caused the image to blur much more and get cut off at the edges. Therefore, it is left to the viewer to use their DVD player's ability to zoom in on the concert image if they desire. It's to your own tastes.

This is a rare opportunity to see this Fleetwood Mac lineup in action onstage.

Billy Burnette - rhythm guitar and vocals
Bekka Bramlett - vocals
Dave Mason - lead guitar and vocals
Mick Fleetwood - drums and vocals
John McVie - bass

Guest musician:
Steve Thoma - keyboards, percussion, and backing vocals (Christine McVie, keyboards and vocals, did not tour for "Time")

Sample Screen Grabs


Date & Venue:
Live in Interlochen (Interlaken), Switzerland on 16 December 1994
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: B+, Sound Quality: B+
TV Broadcast -> Unknown -> NTSC DVD
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