Buckingham Nicks - Coffee Plant Demos Stereo Mixes + Live Tracks
Track List:

Coffee Plant Demos Stereo Mixes

01 Without You
02 Candlebright
03 That's Alright
04 Garbo
05 Sorcerer
06 Cathouse Blues
07 Goldfish and the Ladybug

Live in Tuscaloosa Alabama

08 Lola (My Love)
09 Races Are Run
10 Rhiannon
Notes (from Bootlegger):
Tracks 1-7 are the STEREO versions recorded on Lindsey's Ampex 4 track of the Coffee Plant Demos
The other bootleg "Coffee Plant Demos" contained individual mono multi-tracks of the 7 songs. They are presented here with the proper mixes. Tracks 8 - 10 are an excellent soundboard recording with full band.

Received this in a snailmail Bootleg many years ago as BONUS tracks with the BN Polydor album. Was told they are from the master sources. Judging from the sound I'd have to agree.
Date & Venue:
1970 - 1974 Studio Unknown
1974, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Sound Quality:
Demos: A-. Live Tracks A
Last Update: 04 September 2005, fmfanuk