Fleetwood Mac-The Other Mirage (Outtakes & Alternates)
Track List:
01. Gypsy
02. If You Were My Love
03. Smile At You
04. Straight Back
05. That's Alright
06. I've Been Loving You Too Long
07. Eyes Of The World

Alternate Tracks

08. Gypsy (Early Take)
09. Gypsy (Slow version)
10. Gypsy (Short Version)
11. Gypsy (Long Version)
12. Straight Back (Early Take)
13. Straight Back (Long Version)
14. I'm Alright (That's Alright)(Demo) - The CD was labelled like this.
15. That's Alright (Long Version)
Notes (from Bootlegger):
This is a silver CD bought from Japan.
Main Stream SBR Collection MSBR-050A
Recording Dates:
1981 - 1982
Sound Quality:
A (may have slight distortion when listened through headphones)
Silver CD -> wav -> flac -> CDR
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