Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will Early Mixes

Track List:

1.Thrown Down #1
"Wall Of Sound" version straight from master
2.Running Through the Garden #1
Some vocal parts have echo, Lindsey is a LOT more audible, the last verse is clearly heard, etc.
3.Say You Will
Early mix with some different guitar work
4.Everybody Finds Out #1
Awesome stripped down version without backing vocals or vocal effects
5.What's The World Coming To
Early mix with more audible and different vocals from Stevie
6.Everybody Finds Out #2
Early mix-Lindsey's vocals are more prominent and it's mixed completely differently than the album
7.Steal Your Heart Away
Early mix, can hear Christine McVie at the end
8.Thrown Down #2
Early mix with very different vocals from Lindsey
Very rough mix of Stevie's vocals
10.Running Through The Garden #2
Early mix-Mostly instrumental, but with different backing vocals and slightly different guitar work
Early mix, cuts out at the end

Notes (from Bootlegger):
These tracks have probably been ripped from the DVD-A of Say You Will with vocals and instruments isolated to create the illision of early mixes.
Recording Dates:
Tracks released in 2003
Sound Quality:
Soundboard, this CD checks out as lossless source
Last Update: 05 June 2005, fmfanuk