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Los Angeles based recording artist David Isaacs has been a successful singer/songwriter for years. He has recorded everything from television and radio commercials to hard rock records. He has performed with a variety of musicians ranging from members of Fleetwood Mac to Poison. As a songwriter he has most recently won a Pixie Award for co-writing the score to �Saving Ryan�s Privates�, and has also co-written a track on the upcoming Eagles album. And then we haven't even mentioned westcoast heroes like Venice, Robbie Patton and yeah well...
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Rick Huisseune
Melodic.net 2001

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You seem to be a pretty good songwriter, did you wrote for other bands/releases in the past ? Who ?

Thanks. I really love songwriting. In the past couple of years, I have been trying to write with everyone that I can. I have been really fortunate to > work with some really fantastic people, who are both so much fun and really make you approach music in different ways. Scott Crago, of The Eagles, is one of those guys. We had the band "It." together and we have always found that we're going in the same direction musically. I love working with Scotty, but his schedule is insane these days. We wrote a song together that will hopefully be on the upcoming Eagles record. I don't want to say anymore about it because this business can make you superstitious and I don't want to jinx it. As you know, I just was in England writing with Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. I also do a lot of writing with Chris Horvath, the producer of Timebomb.. I love writing with Chris.. Ian Mayo, of the Kidney Thieves and countless other bands, is another one of these guys that is just so much fun to write with. We wrote a couple of the tunes on the Timebomb CD together. And then there is Robbie Patton. What can I say about Robbie? He is the most ridiculously fun songwriter I have ever met. He wrote for Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and was an artist himself. He comes up with great melodies and just has this unique flare for doing things in a way that I never would. When we write, we either come up with something incredibly fast , or we wind up writing nothing but have a great time trying. That's my main writing team. I love to write alone as well. I plan to start writing with some new, very talented people, including Chris Ward ( known for working on big Movie music including Pearl Harbor ) and Ty Stevens ( now playing with Mandy Moore ). In the past I've worked with people like Elliot Easton of the Cars and the guys in Poison. Obviously I work with an eclectic group of writers, but I think that's great. It keeps you looking at music from different perspectives.

When you went to England to write with Fleetwood's Christine McVie, how was that, tell us everything about that ?

First of all, I LOVE CHRISTINE. She is one of the warmest, sweetest, funniest, and obviously most talented people that I can ever imagine meeting. Chris and I have such a wonderful time whenever we are together. . .it's a joke. I met Chris through Robbie Patton, and it was instant lifelong friendship. The first day we hung out, we spent the entire day singing around the piano. We would take turns playing, and eventually we played the entire Fleetwood Mac catalogue, not to mention the Beatles and so many others. It was hysterical - we would do duets with me singing as Sting and her as Stevie Nicks. Talk about a blast !! What makes matters even more special is that I have it all on video tape. What an extraordinary dream come true. Perhaps, the coolest and most surreal part was when Chris sat at the piano and played and sung my song "Just A Little More Time." To see her just sit down and play it without me prompting her was unbelievable ! She's a wonderful person. I love her, and her family. They really have made me feel at home with them, and I look forward to seeing them all again very soon. As far as this last trip goes. . . .well, we were riddled with problems. We had technical problems with gear and all kinds of other stuff going on. We did get some things started and I'm certain that we will continue to work together soon.

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