Fleetwood Mac

Rolling Stone Mentions
April 21st, 1977


pg. 6 & 9 ~ Correspondence, Love Letters, and Advice

On behalf of my ancestors, the ancient Celts, I am compelled to set the record straight concerning an unfortunate though understandable injustice to the heritage: Rhiannon was hardly a Welsh witch. On the contrary, she was a beautiful, shrewdly intelligent, brave and popular British goddess. I dare say, the early Christianizers of Britain certainly did their job well. Just as Arthur and Merlin, the greatest and most powerful of all British gods, were mistakenly characterized as king and magician respectively, so now Rhiannon is revived from the shadow-filled past as a mere witch. I refer Stevie Nicks (and all others interested) to a book by Charles Squire, recently republished under the title, Celtic Myth and Legend (Newcastle Publishing Company). Miss Nicks has an innate sense for the highly mystic Celtic Spirit and I am sue she doesn't want to risk the wrath of the old powers.

Robert Slorby

Minot, North Dakota


pg. 43 ~ "Random Notes"

In the latest of a series of mini-disasters for Fleetwood Mac, John McVie was jailed on a drunk driving charge following an accident after a night of heavy drinking at Carlos and Charlie's in Los Angeles. The other guy, according to McVie, ran into him, but the LAPD gave McVie a breathalizer test and was "not amused" when it came up positive. "They whisked me away to spend a night in the drunk tank," said McVie. "My whole life passed in front of my eyes. It's also a weird place to wake up with a hangover."

Other band news for the band is that Stevie Nicks lost her voice and has had to take singing lessons to strengthen it. Seventeen of 20 dates on their spring tour had to be canceled. And then there's Lindsey Buckingham, who used the time off to have four wisdom teeth removed. His blood didn't coagulate properly and he's bedridden with two black eyes and a great deal of pain.

[article accompanied with photo of Lindsey Buckingham]

*both articles reproduced as they appeared in Rolling Stone magazine*


(With thanks to Dark Angel who sent me this article)