Fleetwood Mac Album Almost Finished, Tour To Follow

(1/8/02, 4 p.m. ET)

It's full speed ahead this year for a new album and tour from Fleetwood Mac. The band--drummer Mick Fleetwood, bassist John McVie, singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, and singer Stevie Nicks--has been working on the untitled project for a little while, and Nicks tells LAUNCH that she's very confident both in the music and in the release and tour schedule.

"It's gonna be a good record. I can already hear it--I mean, a lot of Lindsey's stuff is pretty much done, five of my songs are recorded, so if we don't record one more thing, we already have a record," she says. "So now it's just gonna be polish between now and May or June, 'cause we'd like to turn the record in in June, and then we'd be gone by September on the road."

With singer-keyboardist Christine McVie retired, the band opted to move forward as a four piece without her. There are no plans to permanently replace McVie in the lineup, although the touring band will feature extra musicians.

-- Bruce Simon, New York and Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

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