Stevie Nicks

Of love, duty and divorce


Rolling Stone 
October 27, 1983
(issue 407/ pg. 13)

"Don"t ask me about my marriage," Stevie Nicks told an interviewer at the end of May. "It"s a new and special thing. Ask me a year from now." Unfortunately, it won"t wait that long: in August, Nicks filed for divorce from her husband, Kim Anderson, after a mere eight months of wedlock. No reason has been given for the split, and Nicks has steadfastly refused to comment to reporters. But among those close to Nicks, it is widely believed that she married Anderson as much out of duty as out of love.

Anderson, a born-again Christian, had been married to Nicks" best friend, Robin Anderson (to whom Nicks" latest LP, The Wild Heart, is dedicated). Robin contracted terminal leukemia in 1982 and died, but a week before her death, she gave birth to a healthy daughter. Nicks is the girl"s godmother, and friends of the singer believe that she married Anderson to create a stable home for the child, noting that she and Kim Anderson had never been romantically linked in the past. Nicks has not made any references to the split on her tour.

(Article accompanied by color photo of Stevie and Tom Petty onstage, caption reads, "Nicks onstage with Tom Petty.")

(With thanks to Dark Angel who sent me this article)