Stevie Nicks Says Fleetwood Mac Reunion Is A Go
5th May 2001

In interviews earlier this year, Mick Fleetwood promised another Fleetwood Mac reunion in the near future. The drummer and band founder said that after singer Stevie Nicks and singer-guitarist Lindsey
Buckingham finished their respective solo projects, they were committed to another Fleetwood Mac album and tour, albeit without singer-keyboardist Christine McVie, who has left the band.

Nicks, who this week released her first new solo album in seven years,
Trouble In Shangri-La, tells LAUNCH that Fleetwood's comments weren't just wishful thinking. "Mick and I are gonna make this happen. We're the strong ones, and we're gonna push this through if it kills us," she says. "We really want to do another record. Christine doesn't want to do it--she doesn't--and bless her heart, if that's what she wants, then that's what she's gonna get. She moved back to England. She wants to be an Englishwoman living in England, and you cannot make people do stuff."

Nicks says Fleetwood Mac will probably reconvene in early 2002. She'll be spending most of the rest of this year on the road to promote Trouble In Shangri-La, with a tour slated to start in late June.

- Gary Graff, Detroit

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