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Lindsey Buckingham
Radio Interview - Live on Mix 102.9 in Dallas, TX

May 2003

DJ (JEFF): Fleetwood Mac, Say You Will, last week, sold about a 1,000 copies here locally and Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac is on the phone, we're gonna talk to him next.
DJ (JEFF): A very rare interview with Lindsey.
Then, I left the room to get a piece of paper and DANGIT, missed the very first comes in here...
DJ (JEFF): My partner Anna.
Lindsey: Hello, Anna.
DJ (ANNA): Hey, Lindsey!
DJ (JEFF): Hey, everybody's real excited about the new single, Peacekeeper, and it looks like the CD's been doin' great. You guys are sellin' a lot of copies.
Lindsey: We did, yes. I think we came in at #3 and I forget what the number was, but something like 218,000.
DJ (JEFF): Who's buying it? Who do you think is buying it?
Lindsey: (laughter) That's a good question. We're a band that seems to cut across generational lines quite a bit, and I really couldn't say how the demographics break down there, but I would imagine you've got, you know, some 20 year olds buying it and some 60 year olds buying it and everything in between, I would imagine.
DJ (ANNA): So, is it just awesome being back together with Stevie and Mick?
Lindsey: Well, when we got together a few years ago to do The Dance album and tour, it was basically a restatement of a body of work and we weren't out there with much new to say. It was just sort of a reaffirmation that we were capable of hanging out together and that there was a lot of care left there, so in a way, that was a springboard for what has come now, to be doing that at this point, after such a break, I think is quite extraordinary.
DJ (JEFF): Can I play something for you because we are a little confused about something in here, Lindsey?
Lindsey: Yes?
DJ (JEFF): This is the hook for Peacekeeper, okay?
Lindsey: Okay.
DJ (JEFF): And I wanna ask you a question specifically about something we heard, alright.
Lindsey: Alright.
DJ (JEFF): Here it is. (Plays the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah sound from Peacekeeper)
DJ (JEFF): Okay, right there.
DJ (JEFF): Is that you?
Lindsey: That is me.
DJ (ANNA): Are you serious because it sounds like a chicken?
DJ (JEFF): We thought it was a chicken.
Lindsey: Well, it sounds like a chicken too, yeah.
DJ (JEFF): Is that the sound you were going for?
Lindsey: We were going for a chicken sound. Basically, we took all the low end off it and turned up all the mid range and I think, ran it through an amp to distort it a little bit, you know.
DJ (ANNA): I wanna hear you do it.
Lindsey: Well, it's not the same, but you know, see, if I could do this (Puts his mouth RIGHT ON THE PHONE and does it!!! LOL!!!!)
DJ (ANNA): Okay, yeah.
DJ (JEFF): Now, Lindsey, this is where is gets really bizarre for us.
Lindsey: Okay.
DJ (JEFF): Because, when the single first arrived, like most Fleetwood Mac fans, we were excited. So, we brought the single in the studio, and I think we were one of the first stations in the country to play it.
Lindsey: Uh huh.
DJ (JEFF): But, when we played it, we got this wierd mix from the record company. Listen to what they sent us. (JEFF plays the beginning of Peacekeeper with all kinds of animal sounds...a cow mooing, a donkey hee-hawing, a chicken clucking, etc...)
DJ (JEFF): Are you familiar with that?
Lindsey: That was what they call the rural mix.

DJ (JEFF): We refer to it as the barnyard mix.  
Lindsey: Yeah, same diff.
DJ (JEFF): Okay, you sound to me, and we've never spoken before, so I'll make a generalization here. You sound to me, to be kind of a serious, kind of a, you know, your reputation is that you're a tad eccentric.  
Lindsey: Oh, I would say so.
DJ (JEFF): Yeah, and, I've heard the tortured genius analogy before.
Lindsey: (LAUGHS)
DJ (JEFF): You know what I'm sayin?
Lindsey: Sure.
DJ (JEFF): This isn't new to you, but what is it that makes you laugh?
Lindsey: Anything, other than music really. Music has a very serious, almost religious connotation for me and the process of creating music. But at the same time, I'm blessed with, at a fairly late point in one's life, having met a wonderful woman, and having a beautiful wife and two beautiful children for the first time in my life and all of that is the big balance for me.
DJ (JEFF): Well, we're on the phone with Lindsey Buckingham from FM and you're blessed to have such a great family life, BUT, I wanna do something completely different now. Let's do a little word association.
Lindsey: Sure.
DJ (JEFF): And just give me a one word answer, first thing that pops into your mind, okay?
Lindsey: Well, I'll give it my, I'll give it a shot.
DJ (JEFF): Reality television.
Lindsey: Uhh...sick.
DJ (JEFF): A woman driving in a jeep wearing a bikini top.
Lindsey: (LAUGHS) Sunburned.
**Jeff and Anna laugh.
DJ (ANNA): A man in a speedo.

Lindsey: Uhh, well, you know, I'd have to say that reminds me of being on the swim team when I was in high school.
DJ (ANNA): The swim team.
Lindsey: Yeah, I had a brother who was an Olympic medallist in '68, so that's what that brings back.
DJ (JEFF): It's so funny because our general rule of thumb on speedos is that no man is allowed to wear em unless somewhere on the speedo, it says USA.
Lindsey: Well, that's what is was.
DJ (ANNA): And you're competing for the gold. Besides FM, what's in your cd player?
Lindsey: Oh, geez, um...The White Stripes, Eminem, um, I have not yet gotten it, but I'm very much interested in getting Queens of the Stone Age, um, which I've heard the single, the song, the radio song, whatever it would be called and I love that.
DJ (ANNA): Have you heard Barney's colourful world yet?
Lindsey: Probably.
DJ (ANNA): Because you have two kids, right?
Lindsey: Probably so. Actually, my favourite is the Wiggles. I don't know if you're familiar with them. They're sort of a weird combination of Teletubbies and Star Trek.
DJ (JEFF): Do you remember HR Puffinstuff?
Lindsey: No.
DJ (ANNA): NO?! (SHOCKED! LOL) Witchepoo?
DJ (JEFF): Witchepoo and the magic flute?
Lindsey: I think I missed all that.
DJ (JEFF): Alright, well, the Sid and Marty Krofft. Are you familiar with them?
Lindsey: Ah, sure. (Said like, sure, okay whatever. LOL)
DJ (JEFF): Okay, well, it was sort of their, it was their drug creation.
Lindsey: Oh.
DJ (JEFF): It was very interesting.
DJ (ANNA): And that's what the Wiggles are.
**They all laugh.
DJ (JEFF): Exactly. So, you guys will be in town and we look forward to the show, it's in July at the American Airlines Center, and the new single, Peacekeeper, it is a good piece of work. Lindsey, it's a pleasure, I've been a fan for a long time, it was nice to talk to you.
Lindsey: Nice to talk to you too.
DJ (JEFF): Thank you, we appreciate it. Best of luck, stay safe and we'll catch you guys when you're in town.
Lindsey: Yeah, we'll see you when we're in town.
DJ (JEFF): Okay, thanks, Lindsey.
Lindsey: Okay, take care, bye bye.
Jeff plays the "rural mix" clip again.
DJ (ANNA): The rural mix.
DJ (JEFF): I think he enjoyed the barnyard mix. That was nice, I'm glad that we had a chance to catch up with him.


Many thanks to wondergirl9847 for sending this to me.

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