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Lindsey Buckingham
CNN Headline News Interview

5th May 2004

CNN: There for awhile, the members of Fleetwood Mac did go their own way, but they got back together last year for a new studio album, and now there's a new tour on the way, and a new live CD and DVD coming as well. And here to talk more about that is the Mac singer, songwriter, guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham joining us now live from New York. We're so glad to have you here. Thanks for being on Headline News.
LB: It's good to be here.
CNN: At least, if anything, this proves that last year's reunion album, Say You Will, was not a one shot thing. You've got all this activity coming up, it's gonna be a busy summer for you. Did you miss the band members, the crowds, the music, what?
LB: Well, I think you, you know, the reconvening of this group of people was more about just fate. A series of circumstances  led us to this and the significant thing is that we're enjoying it alot more than we were able to before. We're all come through the other side of our various struggles, and we're just friends now. We're having a great time.
CNN: That kinda gets into my next question, that alot of the baggage from getting the band going and struggling through and having all of this great success and then seeing the rollercoaster of fame and all of this pop stardom, that maybe the pressure is off maybe more than ever.
LB: Well, it is, yes, and obviously, there was a certain [shows Dance era footage again] kind of convolution that took place in terms of having couples that were breaking up within the band at that time, kind of exercises in denial you might say, so yeah, we're having a better time than we've ever had.
CNN: Sounds like. I'm gonna try to make it to the show here in Atlanta. When I go, I'm gonna wanna hear, the old favorites, you know, Rumours, was a very big high school album for me and I'm dating myself right now, [LB laughs] but I'm gonna wanna hear the songs the way I remember hearing them when I had the 8 track playing in my car. I know that there is the temptation to wanna change things up because you've played these songs so many times and I'm wondering how you go about making those decisions about are we gonna try to throw some changes into Go Your Own Way or some of the other classics or do you realize that people wanna hear them the way you played them?
LB: Well, I think the way you introduce newness into the show isn't so much about changing the classics up, it's about striking a balance between the old material and new material. So, we have a pretty healthy selection of songs from the Say You Will album, but you don't wanna screw around too much with the old songs, those are pretty much the same as they've always been.
CNN: I mean we're talking about, looking at some off the DVD and CD, Dreams, Rhiannon, Come, Big Love, Landslide, Silver Springs, Stand Back Go Your Own Way. You've gonna get a pretty good mix here, as well as introducing folks to Say You Will, which brings me to my next question. Are you getting a good mix of folks who have been with you since the very beginning and maybe some younger fans are just now learning about Fleetwood Mac.
LB: Well, yes, we're very surprised, well, maybe not THAT surprised, but when we were touring, before, a few months ago, there were alot of I hate...I hesitate to say kids, but relatively speaking [They both laugh], alot of 20 year olds out there. I think they've rediscovered what we're doing and seem to find it fresh in the context of what's going on today, so that's nice to see.
CNN: Well, they're gonna get more chances to rediscover Fleetwood Mac this summer. This tour starts this weekend, I believe, in Madison, Wisconsin and then June 15th, the release of Live in Boston, deluxe CD and DVD package. Lindsey Buckingham, good luck with everything this year with Fleetwood Mac and thank you for being here today.
LB: Pleasure being here, thank you.
CNN (lady) to CNN (guy): If it's any consolation, Rumours is the one I remember.


This transcription was provided by Wondergirl9847 with thanks


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