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Fleetwood Mac Back in Top Form

The Age Newspaper
18th February 2004

Veteran rock outfit Fleetwood Mac say they are performing better than they ever did, allowing them to be more experimental with their music. Fleetwood Mac are in Australia for their current world tour and
guitarist Lindsey Buckingham couldn't be better. "I am certainly in my own mind at the top of my game and that is only because I took the time to study and be quiet and to allow things to
come in," he said from his Sydney hotel. "I spent about 10 years basically meditating, approaching music in a very singular way and solitary way."

The 70s band is best known for their mega-platinum album Rumours, while their song Don't Stop became a Bill Clinton campaign anthem. Buckingham is joined in Australia by Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Stevie Nicks. Christine McVie is notably absent from the tour, choosing to keep a low profile living in rural England.

Fleetwood Mac used its personal upheavals as fodder for Rumours and have recently released a new album, Say You Will, which promises a mix of classic old-style and new songs. Buckingham said he was able to express more individuality in his music now that he had passed through the "sex, drug and rock 'n' roll" years. "I have never had this much fun. Part of that is because there is a lot that I can bring back and everyone else is not only clear to receive it but wants it." He said the band members, now in their 50s, had grown and felt less pressure to perform a certain way. "There is, by definition, a distancing from the audience. All you can do is somehow go out there and get in touch with how you feel is fresh and new about what you are doing," he said. "If you really want to keep the artist side of yourself alive, you have got to try to present something which is somewhat challenging to them and presents the new side of what we are doing along with the familiarity and it is not an easy equation."

Commenting more generally on the group, he said all members were playing at their peak. "In many ways we are doing the best work of our lives now and there is no reason to take that lightly other than the fact that there are still politics and push-pulls in the band and those people who want to do different things with the band."

Looking forward, Buckingham hopes Fleetwood Mac will have plenty more albums to come.

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