Fleetwood Mac UK News Update  # 7 
TV Appearances 
Showing in June 2002

Behind The Music - Sheryl Crow
Stevie Nicks appears in a few segments on her friendship with Sheryl Crow.
Showing on VH-1 on the 25th June at 22.00   

Showing in July 2002

DIVAS Las Vegas
Stevie Nicks in Concert with the Dixie Chicks
Showing on VH-1 Thursday 18th July 2002
at 13.00 and 20.00

TV Moments - Reunions
Brief segment with Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" reunion
Showing on VH-1 Friday 26th July 2002 at 20.00 

Fleetwood Mac News 
No real news affecting Fleetwood Mac or related has been forecoming since the last newsletter, just some more rumours on the proposed new album (see below) 
New Album
Still no official word on the release of the yet still untitled new album from Fleetwood Mac
However a release date of Summer 2002 is looking less and less likely. The predicted new release date is Spring 2003 

Website News (www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com)  

Rumours DVD-A
Stills from the DVD-A have been added with the commentary of the making of Rumours. This has been lifted from the DVD-A

Question about other Fleetwood Mac DVD-A to be released was sent to 5:1 Entertainment and here is Ken Calliet's response

After being very impressed with the Rumours DVD-A. I was wondering do you
have any plans to release any other Fleetwood Mac material on this format.
Here's hoping

Answer from Ken Calliet
Thank you for the kind words. I don't know what warners has in mind for
other fleetwood mac album. I heard they were thinking of releasing
Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits. You should contact David May at Warner Records
of Robin Hurley at Rhino Records and tell them what you'd like to hear.
Ken Caillat

Fleetwood Mac Shopping Mall
This has been added to the site, where CDs, Books, DVDs, Videos and Posters can be purchased via affiliated third party companies.

MP3s Posted 
Currently three MP3s are posted
Lindsey Buckingham - Countdown (live, acoustic)
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (demo from the Tango Sessions)
Fleetwood Mac - Isn't It Midnight (early alt mix from the Tango Sessions)
Please remember to check the MP3s at regular intervals as they will be rotated frequently
Current Question & Answer Poll
The favourite version of Rhiannon poll has now been archived. Results are as follows 

Favorites version of the Stevie classic "Rhiannon"?



1) The original "White Album" version 4 11%
2) The piano demo 3 8%
3) The 1978 master recording 1 3%
4) The single remix from 1976 1 3%
5) The live version from 1975-1982 20 56%
6) The live version from The Dance 7 19%
7) Don't have one 0 0%
Total Votes

36 votes

A new Poll has been created " What TISL demo should appear on the new Fleetwood Mac album", please vote and let us know your thoughts.

Message Board
This board is becoming more popular, anything to say........please post it at

Chat Room
I have added a Chat Room to the website, hope to see some of you in there for a chat on anything Fleetwood Mac related.

That's it for now.  Hopefully some more concrete news on the album release next newsletter. 

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Newsletter # 7 
- 23rd June 2002 

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