Fleetwood Mac UK News Update  # 6 
TV Appearances

God Save the Queen (UK) 
Documentary exploring the musical and political movements that were jostling for position in   

Britain in 1977, year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Fleetwood Mac slated to appear.
Showing on the 5th June on BBC1 at 22:45 (40mins) 
Classic Album: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours  (UK) 
A look at the making of the album
Showing on VH-1 on the 17th June at 23.00

Behind The Music - Sheryl Crow  (UK) 
Stevie Nicks appears in a few segments on her friendship with Sheryl Crow.
Showing on VH-1 on the 25th June at 22.00


Fleetwood Mac News
New Album
Still no official word on the release of the yet still untitled new album from Fleetwood Mac
However a few rumours are beginning to circulate.

1) Herad on Rhode Island radio 101.9 and 100.7 that the new Fleetwood Mac album won't be out until early next year. One of the stations also said that the tour won't start until next summer. I don't know if this is true or not; it's just what they said.

2) This week WZLX a classic rock radio station in boston had a count down of the top 500 classic rock songs ever and they said some thing along the lines of: "the band with the 293rd song on the countdown has recently writen, recorded, produced and completed a new album that is sitting in boxes waiting to be realseed but that WB (Warners) isnt ready to put it out yet"* and then he said that the tour wond start untill eather like winter 2002 or spring '03. 

3)  Check out - http://www.pauseandplay.com/cdfront.htm
Where TBA by Fleetwood Mac is slated for a Spring 2003 release.
Gift Of Screws is also listed as being released in Spring 2003.
Both albums still on the Reprise label.

Please note there is NO TRUTH to any of these rumours at present. Please check out the message board
www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com for any other fresh rumours.

Stevie Live Appearances
Stevie appeared on the VH-1 show "Diva Las Vegas"
Stevie performed as a special guest on VH1's Divas Live in Las Vegas on May 23rd.
She sang Landslide with the Dixie Chicks and Wear My Ring Around Your Neck in an Elvis tribute.

Stevie appeared at The 9th Annual Race to Erase MS
Stevie performed at The 9th Annual Race to Erase MS in Los Angeles on May 10th.

Interesting Christine Article
A new interview with Davis Isaacs has been posted in the articles section of
Davis talks about working with Christine recently........Check it out.

Stevie Nicks Master Tapes
Some of the documentation has come to light from the original Master reels.
See them here at http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/trades/masters.html

Website News (www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com) 

First Award
Go Your Own Way has received it's first ever award from the Stevie Nicks Chain Group.
See the details at http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/awards.html
MP3s Posted 
The Rhiannon Master take from 1978 is currently posted as is the early version of You and I (part II).
However currently the MP3 download page is suspended due to bandwidth surges.
The server host I use gives me 2gig per month of bandwidth, as and when the daily limits goes above it's allocation I will have to suspend the page.
If anyone knows of a better way or can let me know where unrestricted bandwidth and around 15meg of space is available for free, please let me know.
New Server Host
The website has now been at it's new home for two months now. The design has taken on a new lead with the new banner and colour scheme. I hope you all like it, feedback of course is always welcome.
Current Question & Answer Poll
The favourite version of Gypsy poll has now been archived. Results are as follows

Favorite version of the Stevie classic "Gypsy"?



1) The Mirage album version 3 10%
2) The Chain Boxest / Video version 10 33%
3) The demo from the Bella Donna sessions 0 0%
4) The live version from the Mirage Tour 5 17%
5) The live version from The Dance Tour 5 17%
6) The live version from AHI 2000 Concert 6 20%
7) Don't have one 1 3%

A new Poll has been created "Favourite version of Rhiannon", please vote and let us know your thought.

Message Board
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