Fleetwood Mac UK News Update  #5
TV Appearances

17th April - Sheryl Crow night on VH-1 (UK)

Greatest Hits: Sheryl Crow  (Music)
Starting: 20:00 

Live at VH1  
Starting: 21:00

Behind the Music - Sheryl Crow  
Starting: 22:00

Sheryl Crow and Friends  
Starting: 23:00

We believe that Stevie Nicks appears on the Sheryl Live at VH1, Sheryl Crow Behind The Music, and Sheryl Crow and Friends shows

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MP3s Posted

Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks - You're Not The One (CD Single track, released in the UK, Stevie co-wrote this tack and contributed backing vocals)
Lindsey Buckingham - Here Comes The Sun (edited version with no Peter Jennings speech)
Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News (live from Irvine Dance show 1997)
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