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Say You Will

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Mush of info on this page was originally posted on The Ledge Message Boards
by Johnny Stew, it is with great thanks that Johnny has allowed this
information to be posted here on the UK's resourse for Fleetwood Mac
The new album, titled 'Say You Will,' was released in the US on April 15th (and in other countries on April 28th), and contains the tracks listed below. The author of each track is listed after the title.

01. What's The World Coming To (Lindsey) 4:32
02. Murrow Turning Over In His Grave (Lindsey) 4:12
03. Illume (Stevie) 4:52
04. Thrown Down (Stevie) 4:20
05. Miranda (Lindsey) 3:48
06. Red Rover (Lindsey) 3:53
07. Say You Will (Stevie) 3:41
08. Peacekeeper (Lindsey) 3:37
09. Come (Lindsey) 4:19
10. Smile At You (Stevie) 4:41
11. Running Through The Garden (lyrics: Stevie) 3:19
12. Silver Girl (Stevie) 4:05
13. Steal Your Heart Away (Lindsey) 4:09
14. Bleed To Love Her (Lindsey) 4:24
15. Everybody Finds Out (lyrics: Stevie) 4:29
16. Destiny Rules (Stevie) 4:35
17. Say Goodbye (Lindsey) 4:09
18. Goodbye Baby (Stevie) 3:51

UK release date is set for 28th April 2003 for the single disc version for £8.49, limited edition version for £19.99 and the DVD-A release, see this press release for more details.
This will be the
UK's first simultaneous CD and DVD-A album release.

At this moment (22/03/03), Amazon.co.uk is offering the regular
single disc version for £8.49 and a limited edition version for £19.99. Also Amazon.com has also listed a DVD-Audio (playable in *most* DVD players, but NOT in CD players) for $18.98. EIL.com are now offering the 2-disc limited edition for £14.99.

In regards to the 2-disc limited edition version offered by Amazon.com (and now, other online sites), there is currently no officially confirmed information about what the second disc contains, however it will most likely include the following:
"Not Make Believe" (a Stevie Nicks-penned song, not available on the album)
"Love Minus Zero/No Limit" (written by Bob Dylan)
"Peacekeeper" (live from AOL Sessions, 2/28/03)
"Say You Will" (live from AOL Sessions, 2/28/03)
The disc is also reported to contain enhanced video content (featuring live videos from the AOL Sessions), specially designed packaging, and a mini-poster.

alternate version of the album will apparently be released in Japan, with an "exclusive bonus track"... but so far there is no further info on that item.

In regards to the
2-disc limited edition version offered by Amazon.com, there is currently no concrete information about what the second disc might contain, though the official Mac fanclub now states that it could possibly include a new Stevie Nicks-penned song, live versions of some of the 'Say You Will' tracks,  enhanced video content, and an alternate album cover. Mick's official site had initially stated that they had no knowledge that this limited edition version was even in the works, but have since announced that discussions are currently underway with the artists and  their management to make this special edition available.

"Peacekeeper" has been designated as the first single, with many radio stations across the country already adding it to their playlists (be sure to listen for it!). Reprise Records has supplied radio stations with a promo-CD featuring two versions of the track, a Single Mix (4:10), and a Single Mix Edit (3:42).
It's unlikely that a commercially available single will be released in the US, but a European single release is always possible.
There's no word on whether the band will film a video to promote the track.

Two promo CD singles for Peacekeeper have been distributed to Radio Stations. At first glance, they look identical however they contain different mixes of the songs. For all the collectors out there, here are the differences between them (to hunt them down)
PRO-CD-101078- has a white case and features a different mix from what we've all heard. This is the mix that is being shipped to Adult Contemporary stations
PRO-CD-101067- has a standard black CD case and features the same version that is on AOL First Listen.

Each CD also includes radio edits for each mix, they are both two track singles.
The artwork is a variance of the trade ad. (Thanks Luke for this info)

Say You Will and Peacekeeper have been distributed to UK radio stations, no official word yet on any single release for the UK.

The new album has now been officially named as
'Say You Will'

Fleetwood Mac's first new studio album in 15 years 'Say You Will'
 is scheduled for release on April 15th 2003 in the USA
and April 14th 2003 for the rest of the world
The Fleetwood Mac Tour is scheduled to begin on 7th May 2003!
Tickets are scheduled to go on sale mid March, Fans visiting this site
http://www.fleetwoodmac.com will be the first to know details regarding tour cities,
dates and advance album information.
HEAR "SAY YOU WILL", Tune into the Joe Millionaire show 1/27 and you'll see a promo for
Fox's other hit "That 70's Show", In the preview the background music is the debut of the song
"Say You Will" from Fleetwood Mac's upcoming studio album. The "Say You Will" promo spot for
"That '70's Show" will continue to air on the Fox network.

Peacekeeper to debut on TV
A new Fleetwood mac song 'Peacekeeper' from the new album - Say You Will will debut on the
NBC TV show "Third Watch". The date for show has been delayed for 1 week, look for
the debut on the 25th Feb.
Note - This is USA TV only.

You can now pre-order the new album, Say You Will, directly from the Fleetwood Mac site or Mick's site you will get the album on or about the release date, plus you will receive a special commemorative mini-poster. This 11x15 poster will have 4 unique pictures, one of each band member. The poster is only available when ordering from the links listed below
http://www.fleetwoodmac.com order form
  http://www.mickfleetwood.com order form

For five weeks (leading up to the release of 'Say You Will'), Reprise Records will be offering high-quality mp3s of 5 album tracks... one each week, for $1.49 apiece. You need a Paypal account to order the tracks, which are then sent via email. Once received, they're yours to listen to as often as you'd like, or to burn onto CD. Unfortunately this seems to be limited to US-residents only.

The selected tracks will be....
Week 1 (currently available): Peacekeeper
Week 2: Running Through The Garden
Week 3: Steal Your Heart Away
Week 4: Smile At You
Week 5: What's The World Coming To

New Song Downloads for Fleetwood Mac Fan Club Members
"SINGLE SONG DOWNLOADS will be available in MP3 format from Warner Bros. Records right
at the site
http://www.fleetwoodmac.com in advance of the record launch. WBR is handling
this and there will be a minimal charge to download and own each song.
We'll send Fan Club Members advance notice of when this will go up.
More news on this when we get it.
*The first song slated for download is 'Peacekeeper' (the record cut full version) and we
expect this to go up on 3/04 or 3/05! You will also be able to download a new
(full cut from the record) song each week between 3/04 and 4/07 for a total of 5
songs over 5 weeks. The songs being offered for advance download
(at a small fee per song to WBR) are:  
'Running Through the Garden'
' Steal Your Heart Away'
'Smile at You' and  
'What's the World Coming To'


Fleetwood Mac - Artist of the month at AOL
For all you AOL members out there in cyberspace, Fleetwood Mac will be the artist of
the month for March 2003. Just do a search for Fleetwood Mac to see AOL only
content on your favourite band.
Posted so far have been Peacekeeper and Smile At You as AOL first listen
and the first live performance of Peacekeeper on AOL Sessions
As well as the brief new interview segment on AOL Sessions

A large part of the album's promotion will be done in conjunction with AOL, featuring Fleetwood Mac as AOL's March Artist Of The Month. The promotion includes the aforementioned AOL Music - First Listen preview of "Peacekeeper" and "Smile At You," a 'Say You Will' album listening party scheduled for April 14th, and an exclusive mini-concert at Sessions@AOL (Keyword: Sessions@AOL, or Keyword: Fleetwood Mac), scheduled for mid-March.

Thanks to Sandy for the screen grabs

Reprise & AOL are also sponsoring a contest to win a trip to Las Vegas, to meet Fleetwood Mac, and see them perform.

Week of April 14 - Featured daily on the Today Show
April 18th - Today Show performance
April 18th - Dateline profile
April 23rd and 24th - Tonight Show

Fleetwood Mac performed four songs including Go Your Own Way, Rhiannon, Peacekeeper
and Say You Will at the Toyota Concert Series in NYC in-conjunction with the Today Show.
See this show here online

Fleetwood Mac has just been scheduled to appear on
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, April 23rd

06/03/02 - Stevie on STAR 98.7 (Los Angeles) Ryan Seacrest's show.
07/03/02 - Stevie, Lindsey, & Mick on Mark & Brian Show 95.5 KLOS (Los Angeles)
10/03/03 - Lindsey on Arrow 94.7 (Washington, DC) (Between 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM)
11/03/03 - Lindsey on WXRT 93.1 (Chicago) (5:00 PM)
10/04/03 - Lindsey, Stevie and Mick on Classic Rock Q107 Toronto
24/04/03 - Lindsey on KFOG.


Lindsey on cover of Guitar Player - April 2003 (UK availability - Tower Records)
Lindsey on cover of Acoustic Guitar Magazine No.59 (UK availability - Borders)
Fleetwood Mac in Uncut Magazine - May 2003 (UK availability - most good magazine re-sellers)
Blender Magazine - June 2003  (UK availability - Unknown)
Fleetwood Mac in May's Performing Songwriter Magazine- Available to order online (http://www.performingsongwriter.com)
Fleetwood Mac in The Independent Newspaper, interview with James McNair, 18th April 2003
Fleetwood Mac in The Mirror Newspaper, 27th April 2003
Fleetwood Mac in The Times Newspaper, 18th April 2003
Lindsey in Guitar World Magazine - June 2003
Lindsey in Guitar One Magazine - June 2003



Week Ending UK USA
27/04/2003 N/A 3
04/05/2003 6 8
11/05/2003 10 14
18/05/2003 17 13
25/05/2003 27 21
01/06/2003 34 33
08/06/2003 35 43
15/06/2003 41 44
22/06/2003 40 39
29/06/2003 61 57

7th July 2003  - Say You Will Certified GOLD


Most of the information was provided from Johnny Stew, with thanks


Fleetwood Mac

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