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The return of Christine McVie with her long awaited third solo album.' In The Meantime'
released in the UK and Europe on 21st June 2004 on
Sanctuary Records,
and in the US & Canada released on 27th July 2004 through Koch Records.

Friend (4:32) LYRICS
You Are
(3:34) LYRICS
Northern Star
(5:24) LYRICS
Bad Journey
Anything Is Possible
(4:56) LYRICS
So Sincere
(3:41) LYRICS
Easy Come, Easy Go
(4:34) LYRICS
(3:55) LYRICS
Sweet Revenge
(3:52) LYRICS
(3:46) LYRICS
Givin' It Back

Unreleased Track
Come Out To Play (3:36) LYRICS

Bonus Track (US iTunes only)
 Friend (acoustic) (3:27) LYRICS

Produced by:
Christine McVie, Dan Perfect and Ken Caillat

Engineered by:
Dan Perfect, Ben Georgiades and Klaus Trelby

Mixed by:
Christine McVie, Dan Perfect and Ben Georgiades


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Please note: Some of the above pictures were original posted on Christine's official website


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Album Sleeve Notes

This album is a surprise. Partly because it arrived out of nowhere and partly because it is a tantalising mixture of what we expect from my sister Christine laced with some new and powerful elements. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Christine shot to prominence as a blues singer in the 70s and was voted best British female vocalist in the Melody Maker polls. After a brief skirmish with a solo career she joined Fleetwood Mac where her rock-solid keyboard work and richly emotive singing did much to propel the band into an exhaustingly successful 25 years of recording and performing for ecstatic audiences around the world. Fleetwood Mac became a benchmark for rock and roll and the band’s music has become embedded in popular culture… even today it is unusual to listen to a popular music programme without hearing a Fleetwood Mac song. Very likely, it will be one of Christine’s… Don’t Stop, Songbird, You Make Lovin’ Fun, Little Lies, Everywhere.
Recording an album was an attenuated and hair-raising process for the Mac. A melting pot of talent and egocentricity that did much to assure the quality and character of the output but took its toll on the band. Add this to a gruelling schedule of touring on a grandiose scale and you begin to see why Christine uprooted herself from LA… encouraged by the 1994 earthquake… and headed for the serenity of the English countryside. She continued working with the Mac until her final tour with the band in late 1997 – the last time I had the privilege of seeing her live on stage. The other four core members of the Mac are back on the boards but despite the ties of history and shared creativity Christine could not be persuaded to join them. Time to hang up the keyboard and rest the larynx. Or was it?
Songwriters don’t just shut up shop. Despite a growing distance from the world of music Christine kept being visited by the odd snatch of lyric and fragment of melody that got written down in a note book somewhere ready for use when the time came. And it did. Christine has passed through a turmoil of emotions disengaging from the craziness of being a rock goddess (my term, not hers!) and re-engaging with the demands, challenges, joys and frustrations of a new lifestyle. The songs on this album have provided the stepping stones for this process and the passion of her involvement is clear to anyone willing to listen. Of course, she has had help from her friends but the album is remarkably independent of the musical environment in which she has operated for the last 30 years. Despite the power and warmth of the music, introspection has been a key feature of the project and my son Dan has been an essential provider of technical and musical support. It has taken a while coming, but the result has been an album to be proud of.
John Perfect April 2004


Album Press Release

Return Of The Songbird


Christine McVie is back! The first lady of Fleetwood Mac and key song writing force behind some of the band’s biggest hits including ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’, ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Little Lies’ returns with a brand new solo album, ‘In The Meantime’, out on June 21st on Sanctuary/Adventure Records.

‘In The Meantime’ is the perfect showcase for Christine’s instantly recognisable voice and eloquent, intimate song writing.

The album is produced by Christine, her nephew Dan Perfect and Ken Caillat. Christine takes full song writing credit for the second track ‘You Are’ and co-writes ten of the album’s 12 songs. Highlights include the infectious ‘Friend’, the beautiful ‘You Are’ and the haunting ‘Calumny’.

Christine last performed with Fleetwood Mac at the Brit Awards in 1998, where the band picked up a Life Time Achievement Award for their outstanding contribution to music. She last collaborated with the band on 1995’s ‘Time’ studio album. A vital lynchpin of Fleetwood Mac, Christine wrote a string of hits for the band including the hit tracks, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Over My Head’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’ and ‘Songbird’. Christine was a member of the group for nearly thirty years and as she observes: “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Fleetwood Mac”.

Since leaving the band, Christine returned to her roots living a quiet life in the country. However writing has always been Christine’s first love and the time away from touring and music has allowed her to return to recording with a new outlook and a new found sense of freedom.

The album developed organically, growing over a period of time after Christine asked Dan to collaborate with her on an early album track. The partnership flourished and the project blossomed into the new album. For Dan, “Christine sounds as young as she does on ‘Rumours’”, for Christine the essence of the album was fun. The result is a mesmerising and expressive album from one of music’s most compelling and distinctive talents.

Additional Info

  • The album was recorded at Sphere Studios, London UK and at Christine's home in Kent, UK.
  • The track 'Easy Come, Easy Go' was co-written with Eddy Quintela and dates from 1992
  • In The Meantime made #133 on the UK Album Charts
  • In The Meantime did not make the Billboard top 200, but made #32 on the independent album charts.
  • The single 'Friend' made #29 on the US Adult Contemporary chart
  • New unreleased song 'Come Out To Play' was released on the Australian Promo Album and has now made it's way into the online community
  • An acoustic version of 'Friend' was made available on the US iTunes store

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