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Gift Of Screws

The Lyric Booklet...

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This booklet has this all the lyrics printed in a word file that has been sized and
sequenced to fit into a CDR case.

Song Sequence Used in Booklet
Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind
Steal Your Heart Away
Red Rover
She Smiled Sweetly
Down On Rodeo
Gotta Get Away
Try For The Sun
Shuffle Riff
Gift Of Screws
Bleed To Love Her
Twist Of Fate
Go Insane
Say Goodbye
The Singer Not The Son

Directions for use
1) Download the file
2) Print the file using a colour double-sided printer.
3) Crop the pages on the box line via a guillotine.
4) Staple the pages in the correct order
..........and hey presto a colour lyric booklet for 
Gift Of Screws
Thanks to Nancy at www.buckinghamnicks.net for use of her lyrics and
her encouragement to complete this exercise.

Download the Booklet here



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